There are all kinds of men out there. Some of them are nice, while others are blatantly bad news. To save yourself the heartache, here are men that you should definitely not date.
Be warned!
1. The secretive type
Everyone is entitled to space and privacy but once he is a relationship with you, he should be ready to open up. Even if it is difficult for him, he should make an effort. If he keeps hiding stuff from you then it means he does not trust you. What kind of relationship is that?
2. The ‘smootherer’
This kind of guy just smoothers you with ‘love’ and says that he wants to marry you a month into the relationship (this may not always be a bad sign). At first, you may think he is really charming but he is actually just on the lookout for someone who will be emotionally dependent on him.
3. The insecure one
Need I say much? I don’t think so. You shouldn’t be with a man who hounds you and doesn’t let you make your decisions.
4. The Procrastinator
He is slow. There is no better way to describe him. If you are very industrious then a guy like this, who always puts stuff off, will definitely pull you back.
5. The unrepentant liar
You may catch him in a lie but he won’t admit it or he will try to manipulate his way out of it. That’s a guy to steer clear of.
6. The woman-hater
Of course, he is not going to announce that he hates women. He may not even realize that he does. But a man who does not value your opinions or thinks women are not his equal is not worth your time.
7. The hung-over guy
A guy who is still hung-over his ex is not the kind of guy you need. He will only attract heartache.

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