If you have had one or two experiences with terrible coworkers then, like many others, you will be looking for ways of handling it.
Of course, quitting your job is not really an option because that would just be a coward’s way. More so, it is not as if there is an abundance of jobs these days. So, how can you handle it?

1. Get away from the source
If the colleague is seriously annoying, toxic or talkative then try getting away from the person. This means that if you can, you should switch your workstation with someone else.
2. Use humour
So that you don’t end up pissed all the time, try to find the humour in every annoying situation. In the end, you will be laughing at the person rather than feeling sour.
3. Stand your ground
If it is the case of a bully and the person is used to pushing you around then stand your ground on what you know is right. For instance, the person always talks over you. What you should do is to gently but icily say, “I have not finished.”

4. Speak up
Beyond standing up for yourself, you should also call the person out on the bad behavior so that he/she can change for other people’s sakes. Explain to the person how his/her behavior is making the workplace unconducive, especially when you can tell that the person’s behavior is unintentional.
5. Document the behavior
If it is something malicious and you believe it is intentionally directed at you then start keeping a record of the incidents (and gather evidence where you can) so that you can bring it to HR.
6. Recruit help

You may not be the only one who has noticed the bad behaviour so speak to other colleagues so you can have a unanimous voice. This works best if it is against a bad boss but be careful that you don’t into trouble.

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