Today I would like to talk about something of great worth to some people, but to others, it's something that dies off quickly. And that is *LOVE*

As a lot of you know, Love is a feeling, it's abstract nature makes it difficult for people to comprehend.
I've read several articles on LOVE. That potrays various insights of the Four Lettered Word.

How do you know you are in *Love with someone? or if it's just *infatuation*
LOVE is not generated over night, it is not something you Beg for, rather it Grows and occurs simultaneously.

*Do I believe in Love at first sight*
I don't believe that such thing exists.. mind you, you can be drawn to someone at your first meeting, Will you call that LOVE?.
Well some might. But if LOVE grows, do you think you can LOVE someone at first sight? Well it's no.
When you know you are in LOVE, you will be willing to sacrifice somethings for others, you won't only think about yourself, you will try to include those you LOVE.

*When you LOVE, you trust!!!*
Trust is something that grows as well as LOVE, as we all know when there's no trust, how can you sacrifice, and when there is no sacrifice, will there be LOVE? No!!!.

*Love brings a connection between both parties*
Some say that these happens when. They are married, but the truth of it all is that it happens even before marriage.
I have seen it, I have witnessed it how the LOVE shared by two people created this lasting connection, they are both able to feel one another's heart, they understand themselves so well.

Now did this develop at first Sight? It grew to that extent not within days, but months.and I'd call that LOVE.

LOVE is a two way affair, it has to come from both parties. Not necessarily with Words, but actions.
But sometimes we are hell bent on going after the Lust of our Eyes and been infatuated by the pretentious actions of others then we neglect those that really show the LOVE.
Then you say "how can I Love this person, he's not my type. Please Ladies and Gentlemen, who is your type?🙄

*Love make you think about others like yourself*
You can't say you are in LOVE and then  you are always alone, thinking or crying, LOVE between the people provide an environment of comfort, and peace..., It provides a shoulder to lean on, it provide arms to lift each other up.

I believe that we all have been given the feeling of LOVE, to help us stand strong... If you don't love someone today, pray the Lord will help you find someone you can share you will Love and who will also LOVE you in return.
Forget beauty and Looking beyond the physical appearance.

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