Kids are so wonderful. That is why there is so much more to learn about them. 
As such, scientists have made an interesting discovery in their quest to understand babies some more. If you are a parent who is crazy about having kids that might invent stuff and make startling discoveries then you would be interested in how to boost your baby’s intelligence. 

According to research from the University of York, the number of words that children hear can improve their skills such as numerical understanding, shape awareness and reasoning. 
Before now, we knew that talking to children (even though what most parents do is to talk at children because they assume the babies don’t understand) was great for helping them develop their vocabulary but it is much more than that now.

Studying 107 children, the researchers found a link between improved cognitive abilities and the quality of adult speech that the children heard. 
The explanation that psychologists give for this is that when children are spoken to frequently, it shapes the way they understand their environment and teaches them how to use language to interact at a very young age. They added that beyond the words the children are hearing, speaking to them enhances interaction as a whole and will help in nurturing them all round.
Talking to babies may not be our thing in Nigeria. We would rather talk at or about the child, but hardly to the child. This research, however, tells us that that should change.

As awkward as you may think it is at first maybe you should try it out. It will even help you and your baby bond.

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