Nigerian singer, Jaywon has weighed in on the issue of internet fraud, popularly known as Yahoo-Yahoo. The singer stated that he can’t really boast of having not benefited from the proceeds of internet fraud in the course of his career.

But then, he made it clear that if he ever benefited, he did so in ignorance, as he wouldn’t consciously allow himself to benefit from the proceeds of fraud. He referred to those who have Yahoo boys as their sponsors as “lucky.” In his words;
The singer stated that he has never benefited from the dividends of internet fraud in his career; “No yahoo boy has ever sponsored me. I only hear that yahoo boys sponsor certain artistes and own night clubs and record labels. Perhaps, I have never been lucky in that regard. I have been the one taking care of myself and sponsoring everything I do.”
However, he considered the possibility of having benefited from Yahoo boys in one way or the other, as one cannot really pick a Yahoo boy out in a crowd nowadays. He said; “But these days, one doesn’t even know who is a yahoo boy and who is not. Because of that, I cannot really say that I have never collected money from a yahoo boy or not.”

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