Youth” they say ‘’is the gift of nature but age is a work of art”. We couldn’t agree more as the ever stunning Joke Silva takes us on a journey through her 36-year career, opening up on sex for roles, rejection, body shaming and what she wishes she knew as a young actor. 

Amid her signature guttural laughter and deep reflections, Joke Silva speaks very candidly about her almost four-decades-long acting career. 

Joke opens up on rejection, body shaming, ageing and what she wished she knew as young actor.

When asked about body shaming on the grounds of size, colour or height, she said :

Of course I have lost a lot of roles, not 
because of my colour or body but because of my face. People find it a strange face to work with. It is not your conventional fine face and in the early years I didn’t know how to handle the face and as a result of that people found it easier to use me as a character actor. 

I was bothered because I was being cast for “Mama” roles. At that age I was meant to be 
diverse in my role but I was already boxed in.

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