Marriage is something precious both to the Almighty God and the partners involved. Every woman, of course, wants to get married that they bear children of their own. While most ladies marry at a very early and right age, some look for mates for a very long time, but no one seems to be coming. 
Now, they are willing to go for any guy provided he has all the good a man should possess. But the big question is, is it right to marry the ex of my friend? 
LadyNaija has some vital information for you. 
Marrying your friend’s ex is a big decision you need to consider carefully. 
If you truly value your relationship with her and she really means a lot to you, you wouldn’t even think of dating him at first, let alone marrying him. Anyway, it depends on the situation surrounding the breakup. 
Nevertheless, you need to seek her opinion about it even before dating him. She just might not be comfortable with it. Also, it might be hard for her to get over him.
Marriage is a lifetime thing and I would advise we think carefully and also choose wisely before going into it.
If you were just acquaintances and didn’t talk regularly, and you know it really won’t bother you, you can think of going into it.
Marrying an ex is not an issue, but marrying a friend’s ex is a bit of a problem. Even if she is cool with it, there is no way she won’t meddle into your affairs, trying to make you see the bad side of him. In her bout of jealousy; especially if the union is very strong, she might end up ruining the marriage.

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