Dears ladies,
Believe me, you can make the men start respecting and valuing you the way you deserve, when you start to respect and value yourselves.

The way you dress and keep yourself really matters.

Some of you will be walking naked on the road, exposing your genitals, and say, "I have my life to live, nobody can tell me how to live my life".
Some of you will say, " I don't care how you see me, its my body not yours".

Have you ever wondered why every man you meet only want to have sex with you? Everyman you meet thinks you are a prostitute?

When you wear those private parts exposing cloths, those skimpy dresses, men will think you are advertising yourself to the highest bidder.

Some will look at you, shrug their shoulders and walk away, while some will want to sleep with you at all cost.

Because of your outlook, a man that would had seen your face to fall in love with your person, is now seeing your boobs and buttocks and lusting after you.

The man that would had taken time to see your inner beauty to fantasize how he can spend the rest of his life with, his now seeing your sex appealing looks and fantasize having you on his bed.

Some of you do say, "God doesn't look at the outward, He looks at the inward".

My dear, it was the outward appearances of some women that made some angels in haven come down and committed fornications.

Don't be deceived my dear, your outward appearances speaks a lot about you.

Even though you think you are not the way you are dressing, mind the way people will regard you through your dressings.

Men are moved by sight, so help the men see a better picture of you.

Dressed to be Addressed

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