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New Movie: BEATS (2019).. See our Review and Download

Let's take a review at the newly released Netflix movie titled BEATS which was released on the 19th of June, 2019.

BEATS seems to be one of those movies that struggles to find a place in the crowd, but to some audience especially lovers of music, BEATS is the best way to kick off your day. 

Unlike many other musically created movie, BEATS doesn't just focus on the music, but also on the life of the Manager and the Talent... It talks about how A young talented guy who suffered from the loss of his sister meets a disoriented manager who is trying to get back on track in his musical career... Now what do you think happened.. They helped each other out and then  you've got BEATS.. but the question still remains how did they help each other out? 🙄 Well watch out for it.

Check out the Trailer:

After seeing the Trailer I'm quite sure you now understand what we're saying. 
Most people have huge critics to the End of the Movie because it was kind of confusing.. But we say "Always expect the unexpected"

The movie was Filmed in Chicago Illinois, USA. 

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