We definitely live for anything that makes life any bit easier even if it’s just a tad, yeah we have the technology and the internet and there are hacks. Life hacks. For every real-life situation out there, there are hundreds of super-efficient hacks just waiting to be utilized.
For every girl out there, here are some life hacks that would definitely come in handy.
Remove glued chewing gum
Chewing gum stuck on your blouse, desk or hair? All you need is rock solid ice, place it on the gum till it hardens then ply it away with a thin, sharp object.
Red wine stains
Get rid of embarrassing red wine stains that make it seem like your monthly lady drip came without a heads-up. Get on top of the situation quickly with a bottle of wine, nah not red wine this time but white wine.
Smell an orange
To get rid of stress really quick, studies show that inhaling the scent of orange can lower down stress levels in a flash. Alternatively, you can take some orange juice first thing in the morning or coat your pulse points with orange oil regularly.
Hair straightener hack
Your fav hair iron can smoothen and straighten out other items asides from your hair, i.e. your clothes! Can’t find your clothes iron, then substitute with your hair straightener, quick

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