t pretty much seems like embattled Nigerian singer; Naira Marley is yet to learn his lesson as many had thought he would after spending some time in prison. The singer just got out of jail and is already talking about cybercrime online.
According to him, he went to prison for promoting internet fraudsters and their activities, and as such, they owe him a lot. Naira Marley seems to consider himself some sort of freedom fighter for internet fraudsters, though he hasn’t been officially confirmed to be one of them. His utterances are feared to be potential evidence him on his next trial.
The singer started an IG live session to talk about being owed by internet fraudsters in Nigeria. His fans did not expect him to do or say anything that links him to fraud after he was out of jail. 
But Naira Marley doesn’t care about that, neither does he care about how implicating his utterance might be on his next trial. He is just being plain stubborn.
Surprisingly, a lot of fans who commented on his IG live session actually hailed him over his statement and other things he said. It’s now left for Yahoo boys to pay their debt if they actually agree with Naira Marley on being owed by them

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