Simi came hard on a Ghanaian relationship counselor whose school of thoughts on marriage did not quite agree with hers. As a matter of fact, Simi totally disagreed with her to the point where she became abusive with her words.
The Ghanaian relationship counselor, during a radio session, opined that it is the place of women to submit to men no matter the treatment they might get from men. 
According to her, men were built that way and women just have to deal with that. She stressed that under no circumstance should a woman be confrontational towards her man.
A lot of women did not subscribe to her school of thought, including Simi who blatantly abused her that “her head is not correct.” The songstress addressed the Ghanaian relationship counselor with much bitterness in her heart. 
However, her words arguably have not reached the said counselor, otherwise, she would hit back at the Nigerian songstress.
Simi reacted saying; “Ori eleyi o ma p eke. And the idiots cheering her on, gbogbo yin ma go ke. If you’re a woman and genuinely feel this way, please raise your hand. I want to tell you something.” Would you consider Simi abusive???

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