Do you think the use of your regular bottle of conditioner is limited to just your hair wash business? Nada, there’s more to your favorite moisture-packed cream than you think.
Continue reading to discover awesome uses for hair conditioner that does not involve your hair.
Makeup removal
Next time reach for some conditioner rather than your facial wipes especially when trying to get rid of waterproof makeup. Just slather on the stuff liberally all over your face to get rid of mascara residue and all that foundation.
Shave cream
Run out of shaving cream? Not to worry, make a quick dash for some conditioner to substitute for your shaving cream. Smear it all over your legs or face and get your razor on the ready to give your skin a good shave.
Prevent rust
Either it’s your kitchenware, door hinges, or work tools, you can make use of our favorite conditioner hack to banish rust in a blink. Simply, coat the metal or steel in a thin layer of conditioner and let it be; you can do this as often as they come in direct contact with moisture.
Feet balm
There’s really no need to chill till the soles of your feet are all dry and cracked before you give them a bit of TLC. Go for the cost-effective approach by coating them with a lavish slather of conditioner, leave it on overnight and wake up to moisturized soles.

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