It is commonly said that the first couple of hours in a day often determine just how the rest of your day would turn out to be, hence the need to drop certain less-than-ideal morning habits in order to start off every new day on a fresh start. 

Old die habits die hard, that’s a given, however with a little determination on your part to make every single day of your life from this moment a good day, you might just have a clean break from those harmful morning habits and embrace new healthy ones.
So, what are those morning habits you should say ‘adieu’ to? Find out below.
Not taking your bath
We still don’t struggle to take our bath before heading out to face the world right? Let’s be guided, please! A good cold shower, not a warm bath this time, wakes up your brain, gets you perky and on alert, your immune system on the ready and your entire body refreshed and ready to take on the new day. Don’t skimp on shower time. Never.
Early morning internet surfing
An average 21st-century person reaches for his mobile device the instant his eyes pop open as a result of the strong and uncontrollable addiction to social media platforms. Considering the fact that some comments and opinions might end up ruining the whole of our morning, it is advisable to ignore texts, emails, and online platforms until you’ve got a nice meal in your belly, gotten some early morning me-time and you’re ready to hit the road.
Worrying over your wardrobe choices
 Prevent this by picking out an outfit to wear the previous night so you don’t spend precious moments debating on what to wear. You might want to take a cue from Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook or Steve Jobs who go for stable simpler outfits, it might lack variety but at least you’ll save up on time. Besides, that’s how real stars do.

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