Music makes the soul lively and alive. Music helps you live longer. It is healthy for you. 
Let’s consider other reasons why music is considered best for you. 
Music improves the quality of your sleep
This was proven true when scientists had some college students battling with insomnia to listen to the music they love. When this happened, they felt that the quality of their sleep had improved. Thus, music is an alternative to sleep-inducing medications. 
Acts as a mood elevator
More research has been carried out on this subject and has been proven true over the years. Listening to the music of your choice has helped millions of individual to elevate their mood, thus helping get in touch with their feelings. 
Relaxes patients before and after surgery
Cardiovascular surgery patients recently attested to this fact—music helped them to feel absolutely relaxed and at ease before and after surgery was carried out. 
It elevates mood while driving 
I think this is the main reason why we see most drives listening to their favorite music and song while driving. Ordinarily, they feel absolutely depressed because driving itself isn’t easy. 
Music improves IQ and academic performance
IQ is a short form of Intellectual Quotient. It has to do with someone’s ability to do things which his age mates aren’t capable of; it involves using the brain to perform tasks which seemed impossible. 
Most kids who perform better at school isn’t because they study all day, which in fact, isn’t a proven fact of academic excellence since all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. These kids are doing at school because they take off time to listen to their favourite music. 
With all of this fact, we can come to a unanimously reach a  conclusion that music is one of the healing force of the universe.

Note: Not all music are worth listen to

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