Divorce rates are on the rise, that's for sure. So, if it is so widespread, shouldn't we know some more about it? 
That's what the facts I am about to reel out will do- tell you more about divorce but by focusing on the weird and amusing aspects. 
1. The more times you have been married, the more likely you are to get a divorce. Therefore, once you have been divorced once, you will most likely do it again so try not to do it at all. 
2. Couples that are obsessed with social media are more likely to get divorced. Well, there is no surprise there.
3. In over 55% of divorce cases filed in the United States, porn addiction was a reason. This is probably because people who watch porn are most likely to cheat. 
4. 59% of people who got divorced remained Facebook friends. If you guys can break up in real life, why not do the same online? 
5. More than 75% of people who had affairs and then got married ended up divorced. So, you think cheating on your partner and then marrying the person you cheated with will sort everything out? Nope! It turns out that research shows that a good number of people regret the move. 
6. People with divorced friends are more likely to end up divorced too. You know what they say about birds of same feathers. This does not mean you should ditch your divorced friends though if they are a good influence on you. 
7. Between 75-91% of divorce cases are because one party is a smoker. Therefore, putting out that cigarette won't save just your lungs. Your marriage is on the line too. 
Our word of advice is that you try everything to make the marriage work so that you don't end up as one of these stats. Meanwhile, what do you think of these facts? 

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