Gratitude is not only related to old people, to young people, or to those who don’t have. Everybody must express gratitude for what he receives. But then, let’s understand the meaning of this word. 
Gratitude is the act of showing how thankful you are for what you receive, whether something small or not. These thanks come from the heart. 
While there is nothing wrong with wanting more (since that’s how we have been created), those who fail to show gratitude always seem to generate negative emotions and more self-centered than those who show gratitude. 
At this juncture, let’s consider the benefits of showing gratitude. 
Gratitude makes you happier
Because you express your heartfelt thanks to what you receive, you will happier. Why is this true? We are created with a conscience that should show how grateful we are for whatever we receive. That is why whenever we show gratitude, we are happy than usual. 
It creates more chances of blessings
A grateful heart is one who is always blessed by others. When you show that you are truly thankful for the gift you receive, people will want to give you more.
It makes you more optimistic 
Optimism, they say, keeps a man going in life. Man is optimistic that someday, things will change for the better. Those who show gratitude are in a better position of receiving help from others. This is the optimism that keeps them moving. 
Gratitude makes you less-materialistic
Just as research has shown, those who are materialistic are people who aren’t grateful for the little they have. Thus, they desire more than usual. There is a difference between being rich and being materialistic. A materialistic person doesn’t show gratitude is self-centered. 
Gratitude is one important factor that can change the rest of your life. Be grateful for the little you receive and you will be blessed with more.

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