We see alcoholism depicted in American movies a lot. Usually, the guy is pitiable, loses his job and family and we think to ourselves, "I can never be like that."

However, the fact is that anyone who drinks at all can become an alcoholic.

It does not matter if you describe yourself as a 'social drinker' or you are rich, poor, male or female. It does not matter but the truth is that you can change your situation around. How can you do that? 
It starts with a decision to stop and you don't come to that decision if you don't admit first of all that you are an alcoholic. That is why AA meetings begin with 'My name is... and I am an alcoholic." 
To come to that decision to stop drinking or reduce your alcohol intake, you can decide to do a cost-benefit analysis. Draw a table in which you outline all that alcohol does for you, how it makes you feel etc. and on the other side of the table, you state what alcohol is already costing you and what it could cost you. 

For example, you can write how it impairs your judgement, damages your liver, makes you wake up feeling groggy and unrest-ed, etc. If you are honest, the cons will definitely outweigh the pros.
Next thing you should do is to set goals. Depending on how much you drink, set a realistic goal of how much you will cut down. For instance, you can go from drinking a bottle of wine a day or 3 bottles of beer a day to a glass a day or a bottle a day. As you progress, you can take it down to once every other day till you are drinking only once a week and so on. 
To help you stay consistent, tell other people about it. In this way, you have a community of people supporting your decision and making you remain accountable. Of course, if there is a community of recovering alcoholics around you, you should join it. 

To complement your efforts, you should also get rid of all forms of temptation. This includes removing alcohol in your home, telling friends not to come over with alcohol and even turning down invitations to parties where alcohol will be served. Yes, it seems like your social life is dying but think of the cost-benefit analysis you did earlier and if those friends really had your best interests at heart, they would do anything to support your decision to live a healthier life. 

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