Confidence is a simple but powerful word. It is easier said than cultivated because it isn’t something inherited from our parents since it is never in the genes. Many men and women seem to lack confidence in themselves, not because they can’t cultivate it, but because they are afraid of displaying it. 

However, I can bet you that it is one of the keys you need in life to unlock your potential and become a success. Why? At least for these few reasons.  
Confidence propels you to put your ideas into actions
This is one thing that keeps holding most young people back. It is a setback because they feel it is impossible to succeed when they start something no one is doing. But confident people will always desire to start new things even if nobody else does it, believing that they will succeed. 

Confidence gives you the ability to stand up
Confident people do not want to be treated unfairly; they summon the courage to stand up for what is right. However, they don’t mistake it for ego.
You need it to overcome fears
One thing is sure about confidence—it gives the individual room to overcome fears—whether fear of the unknown or the fear of failure. It makes you kick-start what you thought you couldn’t do—and this could lead to success.
It makes you believe in yourself
Believing in oneself is one difficult thing for most people. To them failure is inevitable. But you can if you think you can. Don’t be afraid, strike the impossible. 
Confidence makes you believe that you can
A confident person believes that he can even though things aren’t going right at the moment; he knows he will win, come what may. 

Yes, confidence is the key you need to succeed in life. 
Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, don’t think you can’t be successful; be confident in yourself enough to do what others thought you couldn’t—and you will be successful.

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