A 'cannibal killer' accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend before eating her body parts has stunned a court by branding the case 'bull cr*p'. Joseph Oberhansley, 38, is said to have stabbed Tammy Jo Blanton to death with a knife after breaking into her home.
He reportedly used an electric jigsaw to open the the 46-year-old’s skull before scoffing parts of her brain.

He also allegedly ate part of her heart and a lung. Police said Oberhansley confessed to the grisly crimes, including 'cooking a section of her brain and eating it', following his arrest in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
But now he insists he is innocent and let rip a 10-minute rant in a pre-trial hearing at Clark County Court.

He described the case against him as "all bull cr*p lies" and claimed Tammy Jo was "getting high and drunk and texting a bunch of bull crap". Oberhansley also told the judge in the non-stop tirade he had uncovered new evidence that pointed to his innocence.

Oberhansley’s trial is due to start on August 19

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