A woman was struck and killed by a train after she dropped her phone onto railway tracks and went to pick it up.Felon Smith, 37, died when she was hit by a train at midday on Thursday in Chicago in front of traumatised passengers. .

She was pronounced dead at the scene.Smith had reportedly ignored repeated warnings to stay off the track, causing two hour long delays on the rest of the line.

One commuter described how the horrifying incident unfolded to a local news station. .
"It slipped and fell out of her hand, and she tried to retrieve it.

She went on the tracks to get her phone, but she couldn't get back up from off the tracks, and the 'L' was coming," McAllister told ABC 7 "The 'L' came, and it hit her.

 She couldn't get back up. She should just have left the phone down there. It ain't worth her losing her life.

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