See Teenage girl who killed herself after posting a poll on social media asking if she should take her own life - and 69% of her 'friends' voted YES

Davia Emelia commit suicide at her home in Sarawak, Malaysia, after 69 per cent of participants in the poll voted in favour of her dying.
The 16-year-old was found dead at the foot of a three-storey shop around 8pm on Tuesday.
The schoolgirl had run a poll on the photo-sharing app with the question 'Really Important, Help Me Choose D/L', only hours prior to her death.

Her cousin shared a photo hours later on the Davia's Instagram story showing a body on the ground surrounded by officers and taped off. 'Just now you guys voted for D and this happened... happy now?,' the post was captioned.
A neighbour told local media Davia was 'studious and rarely seen without a book in her hand'. Bolhassan said Davia had posted a message on Facebook prior to the Instagram post which read: 'WANNA QUIT F****** LIFE I'M TIRED.' Her depression seemed to stem from the fact that her stepfather had married a Vietnamese woman and seldom returned home, Bolhassan added according to news site Astro Awani.

Instagram reviewed the teenager's account and found that the online poll, which ran over a 24-hour period, ended with 88% percent votes for 'L', said Wong Ching Yee, Instagram's head of communications in the Asia-Pacific.

Aidil, however, said that the poll's numbers may have changed after news of the girl's death spread.
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