Divorce is one difficult moment for a family. It is a very common act these days. To most families, it is better one of the parents dies than for them to be separated, and possibly, forever. 

The effect of divorce doesn’t only affect both parties involved, it also affects the children in a variety of ways. Some children often say that they wish they had never been born. This tells us how painful and adverse effect of divorce can have on kids.

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In this article, we will consider some of the effects divorce can have on our kids. Please, parents, consider this article warily so that you have been thinking of filing a divorce, you will dissuade from it.

#1 It contributes to the poor performance of some kids

Imagine this scenario: A child was performing better at school when both parents were living together with the entire family. These people always try as much as possible to oversee the assignments of the child and put him through whenever need be. But after filing a divorce letter, it contributed greatly to the child’s performance because the single parent has to care for the needs of the child, academically and financially.

#2. Feelings of rejection

Kids are not adults—this is one thing parents must understand. Don’t assume they understand the situation the way you do. They know nothing about it. After all, you both are having issues, not with the children. So when you divorce, they feel they have been rejected by both parties.

#3. Emotional disparity

when parents divorce, children are not left out in the trauma. In fact, research has made clear that children are more affected than the parents are. They feel anger, anxiety, depression, and rejection most times. This is very challenging for kids!
To most parents, divorce can be likened to buying of clothes; you buy it today and throw it away tomorrow if it doesn’t suit your needs again. To them, there is nothing wrong with it so far there are other beautiful clothes out there.

But they forget to understand one basic truth—how their kids will be affected..... to be continued..



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