Giving birth is one of the many wonders here on this planet and it doesn’t matter if the birth process follows the natural route or a Caesarean section, we will all agree that childbirth although it is a beautiful process, it comes with severe emotional and physical pain that cannot be swept under the rug. 
But it’s surprising to discover that there’s some sort of prejudice against mothers who happened to undergo a C-section, they don’t get celebrated or given much credit because everyone believes that all they had to do was lie prone while they had help delivering and all.
Well, to our unsung heroes, to mothers who survived the Caesarean section, here’s to you! This should serve as an eye-opener to your truths.
C-section requires lots of guts
With the natural vaginal birth, you can always have family members hovering around lending moral support but the reverse is the vase with surgical intervention. Expectant mothers are left alone to brave the surgical process all by themselves without so much as a rub on the head to allay her fears.
They are lost to the childbirth process
Do you know how deprived C-section mothers feel when they don’t get to experience the pain and thrills of vagina birth? Can you even grasp the level of unpleasantness they have to go through? Having their insides probed intrusively without even feeling a darn thing! Now, that’s just miserable but they smile through their fears and discomfort holding on to the hope of seeing their little bundle of joy.
Their birth scar is a testament to their strength
C-section mothers should be celebrated not scorned! Their birth scar isn’t a mark of inadequacy as a woman or mother rather it is a glaring reminder constantly telling them of their birth ordeal, their strength, and resilience and to all mothers out there who couldn’t use the natural birth process, bear your scars with pride! It is beautiful cause it’s the portal through which your little one came to be.

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