Your teeth mirror the state of your health and well-being in so many ways just like the eyes tell of health deficiencies at a glance. So you know already that your pearly whites aren’t just there to brighten your smile or make you look good in selfies, they actually give out health pointers you’ve been oblivious of all along.
Teeth grinding is a major symptom of feelings of stress, anxiety or anger, so the next you wake up with a sore jaw it might interest you to know that you might have been grinding your teeth all night due to stress. This exercise usually takes its toll on your teeth over time and this is more reason why there should be a significant reduction in stress levels and perhaps getting a dental night guard for extra protection for your teeth might just be in order.
The state of your teeth has so much impact on your overall self-esteem and confidence levels, if you happen to have poor dental health or discolored teeth you might have issues been sociable and all, also, an extrovert might suddenly become an introvert overnight due to a case of discolored or decayed teeth; this, of course, will tipoff to others that you have issues with your self-image.
Change in medication
Your gums and teeth also act as pointers to the need to adjust your medications, when you experience irregular growth of gum tissue or a change in the overall environment of your mouth it might be as a result of some of the drugs you use. This might lead to a case of periodontal disease for you or lead tooth decay; a trip to the dentist is advised here.

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