2Face Idibia’s wife, Annie Idibia took to the airspace to reveal the secret behind her agelessness in response to those who have been in the habit of asking how she manages to stay young each passing year. Her secret is out of this world.

According to the celebrity wife, minding her own business has been her secret. She revealed that she does not concern herself with other people’s matters and barely even keeps friends. She said she does not talk behind people’s backs anymore and is learning to forgive, which is like the hardest thing she has had to learn. She also said she does not envy.
In her words; “Please, all those asking me every day: Annie, what do you do to stay so young? My dear, I mind only my business and my business alone. I don’t surround myself with people who drain me out emotionally or verbally.”
“In fact, I am mostly alone lately. I respect people. I don’t talk behind anyone’s back anymore. I am learning to forgive, which is my greatest challenge as a Scorpio human. I love and love deep, even if I have to do it far away. I don’t ever, I repeat, ever envy anyone. And yes, I am content with my life but I strive to be greater, bigger, and wiser every day.”

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