Can you really tell if he is a flirt? There are signs that show that truly he is. Watch out for these signs. 
Observe how he acts around other women
One sure sign that will help you know for sure that he is a flirt is how he acts whenever he is with other women. How does he talk to and treat them? Does he do you the same way? If he does, then he is not a flirt. 
Don’t underestimate his body language
Body language is another sure aspect of knowing whether he is a flirt or not. How often does he touch you? Does he sit very close to you so that both of your knees or feet touch? If he can’t just stay without touching you even for a minute, watch out for this sure sign, girl. 
He always likes your photos
One good place to flirt is social media—both girls and guys know this very well. Whenever you post, he is always one of those first 10 persons to like your photo. And, sometimes, he may not have anything to comment but will surely do for the sake of commenting. 
Does he try to impress you? 
Guys who flirt will tell you their achievements, position at their place of work, talent, and what they have at their disposal the moment they meet with you. To you, doesn’t it look frustrating for a guy to be telling you these the first time you both are together? He is telling you all these because he wants to get you in a subtle way and use you for his purpose. 
Pay attention to the way he teases you
Another sure sign that he is a flirt is when he always finds ways to tease you. He may use your clothes, style of laughing, or theme of dressing to tease you. Or he may use anything he finds in you. Sister, if you feel uncomfortable with this guy because he is always giving you a hard time by pointing out your fault, mark him as a flirt.   

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