Good friends are rare gems, but if you find one. He/she can stick closer than family. A good trick to finding that perfect, good friend is by being one yourself.
So, how do you become the best friend your friend has ever had?

1. Understand that it is give and take
Don’t expect from your friend what you are not ready to give. If you want him/her to be reliable, patient, and generous then you must be the same.
2. Honesty is the policy
Honesty must guide your relationship. State your true feelings and say the truth when your friend is messing up. Of course, I am not saying that you should be insensitive. Be kind in the way you speak the truth but remember to speak it all the same.

3. Listening is actually an activity
People assume that listening is passive and so they prefer to do the talking. However, you should pay attention to your friend rather than trying to have the spotlight on you all the time. Don’t act like you are bored when they are speaking; that’s just unfair.
4. Dust out your pom-poms
Good friends are cheerleaders. They are always there to encourage their friends, support them and help them through tough times. This also means being positive.
5. Be accepting
You are meant to accept them in totality. Of course, they may get on your nerves sometimes but all in all, you should not be trying to change who they are at their core. They will have flaws so be braced for that.
6. Be partners
Good friends make each other better. So, this means knowing what your role in each other’s lives is meant to be and fulfilling it by complementing your strengths.
Good friends are not accidents. Take the right steps to become one today, but then, it doesn’t end here. What are the things you shouldn’t do? ... Find out our upcoming lifestyle updates.

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