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Dreadlocks: What you should know before you start the journey

These days, women are looking for the hairstyles that they can carry for a while and that will be cost-effective. 
This is the reason most women buy outrageously expensive hair extensions – it is all about making an investment.
And this is also the reason women are turning to dreadlocks. However, as woke as this hairdo may be, there are few things you should consider before taking the final step of locking your hair.
1. Do your research
There are different ways of doing the locs. There are different hair textures and ways of maintaining them. It is a huge commitment so before you decide to take that bold step, find out all that you can about locs from those who wear their hair that way, stylists and relevant blogs.
2. Find out what your workplace thinks
Certain people assume that those who wear locs are irresponsible or dirty. Therefore, make sure that your workplace does not have rules against this hairstyle. Even if it doesn’t you would have to maintain your locs to make sure that you look neat.
3. It requires patience and courage
Sure, you may think, ‘it is just hairstyle, there is no big deal’ but then it is not that simple. It takes years for your locs to mature into what most people will admire. In the time that your hair will grow wildly and in the budding stage, it may stick out in different directions. You will need a great deal of patience and courage to wear your hair.
4. Know your hair texture
There are different ways of locking your hair. Depending on your hair texture or the desired outcome, it may be freeform, sisterlocs, backcombing, two-strand twist, comb coils, etc.
Now that you know this about locs, are you good to go? Not quite. I will tell you some interesting facts about dreads, how to maintain them etc.

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