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Falz frowns at Senator Abbo being honored with a Democracy Award after slapping a woman

Nigerian artiste, Falz could not bring himself to terms with the honor bestowed on Nigerian lawmaker, Senator Abbo who was caught on camera slapping a nursing mother not long ago. Falz thinks such a man is not fit to be a senator.

It was an eyesore to see the young senator assaulting a nursing mother who tried to defend an attendant, Bibra Warmate, at an intimacy gadget shop in Abuja. A video of the ugly scene went viral on the internet and the senate even reacted to the scandal. It was then assumed that the senator will be made to face the full wrath of the law.
Ironically, he got honored with a Democracy Award last week from the Intercommunity Awareness for Change and Development Initiative in Abuja. On receiving the award, Senator Elisha Abbo sad that young people around the world who are aspiring for political office have learned from him lately. Falz got furious and slammed him. 
He wrote;
“What kind of a joke is this man? Icon of democracy award? Shamelessness at the highest level. It is actually disgusting. He should be holding a plaque that says BIGGEST DISGRACE OF THE YEAR. This man cannot remain in the senate!"

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  1. This is really sad. It doesn't tell good of Nigeria as a country.