Awesome doesn’t begin to define you, but even with the perfect rack on your derriere sidled with a great personality, you’ve still got no man in your life, now that’s what’s up? So, let’s see why you’re a good catch alright but Prince Charming hasn’t found you yet.

You’re waiting for Mr. Right
Who isn’t right? Well, for you, you aren’t just waiting for the right man to come along and sweep you off your feet, you are actually pining for a man whose worth fits yours to a tee.
You don’t need a man to complete you
Sure, you indulge yourself in certain pleasures that involves the opposite sex but anything other than airing out your cobwebs down there is a no-no for you; you don’t see your biological clock ticking right away in front of you rather you live your life to the peak.
Great friends to distract 
We’ll get into the essence of having your own girl gang later, but right now the truth is having a tight inner circle might actually distract you from romance for a spell unless all your girls happen to suddenly fall head-straight in love overnight.
Your confidence is sky-high
 Confidence is the best accessory a lady can wear asides from a smile but your type of confidence isn’t irresistible but repelling and intimidating, so much that even the most accomplished of them all second-guess his actual worth.
No time 
You don’t even have time enough in the day to see after your personal affairs let alone spare time to go on blind dates or look up Tinder for Mr. Right, besides you’re still so much in love with the present status quo, living your life to the fullest and you don’t see the need for a man to complicate all that for you just yet.

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