Chamberlain Signs new Liverpool Deal

As the English Premier League Season Kicks off, it's been a tough one for each side as they all struggle for a top spot.

On the other hand, Liverpool are still standing strong after a tremendous performance in the UEFA Champions League...  fans have express joy as the players renew their contract at Liverpool.

Alex Ox Chamberlain wasn't left out of the exciting moment as he signed a new contract with The Reds

In a statement from Alex Chamberlain, he said;
Delighted and grateful to extend my contract and have the opportunity to give back for time lost last season. It means a lot to be apart of this special club and this team and I look forward to progressing on now with the boys this season and the years to come. Thanks again for all your continued support.  #YNWA 🖊 @liverpoolfc @colossalsportsmgt
Coach Jürgen Klopp and Chamberlain 

Coach Jürgen Klopp Also expressed his feeling towards the contract renewal.
“When I heard Ox had signed his new contract with us, I am sure my emotions were the same as every Liverpool fan hearing the news tonight – absolutely delighted.” 💬 Jürgen Klopp #LFC #LiverpoolFC #Liverpool

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