A Nigerian evangelist by the name, Victor Edet thought it wise to sound a note of warning to parents who would for any reason consider letting their daughters go into the music or movie industry, telling them it would be a disaster.

According to the evangelist, the Nigerian music industry and the Nigerian movie industry are dens of prostitutes who hide under the pretense of being actors and actress to sell their bodies. He called on parents to desist from doing such.
According to him, parents should never allow their daughters to have anything to do with the music and movie industry. He said; “Parents, do not allow your children to go into the music industry or movie industry. If you encourage your daughters to go into the movie or music industry, it means you are encouraging them to go into prostitution.”
He further set an instance the confirms his submission, pointing out how actors are literally beggars while actresses own mansions and estates. He said; “Come to think of this, an actor will act fifty movies, yet, he can’t afford to buy a bicycle. But an actress will act just ten movies and she’s already building estates. 85% of those girls are into prostitution.”

What do you think concerning what he said?

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