The big 30, think there’s no big deal about turning 30? You’ve got another rethink coming, but be consoled with the fact that there’s no stopping time, growing up is only part of the process. 
Yeah, you read that right. And yeah 30 might just be the new 60 depending on how you look at it that is. When you clock thirty, that moment you care more about your looks and when you spot your first wrinkle in the mirror, it dawns on you that you’re not timeless after all.
You don’t just go with the flow
Gone are the days when you take each day as it comes, now that you’re all up in your 30’s you actually fuss over every single detail starting from your looks, to planning events and all.
You identify with grown-ups 
While growing up you always thought adults were overbearing but now? Your whole thinking has taken on a paradigm shift, and you walk in the steps of some of those “adults” you once despised.
Your circle is small but tight
Back in your twenties you thought moving with a sea of friends is the real deal but now you know better, now you give random toxic people a wide berth and the true friends in your family you love and treat as family.
You understand love better
Here’s one thing you get to at least enjoy as a grown-up, whether you’ve found your one true love or still searching, one thing you’ve come to terms with is that love is beautiful and sex is just the icing on it.


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