I often say that when it comes to stopping a habit or picking up a new one, it all starts on the mind level.
You have to come to the conclusion in your mind, first of all, that you are going to change. Once you have set your mind on it then the rest is easier. 

I say this because the human will is strong enough to do anything. For goodness’ sake, look at the Tower of Babel or if you are not religious, think of the fact that we have achieved space travel. If you believe the conspiracy theories, then consider the miracle of simply flying in an airplane and defying gravity. The human will is that powerful. 
So, when it comes to staying sober, how do you come to the point where your will is strong enough to carry you through the tough journey? How do you come to that point where you decide unwavering to quit?
1. Admit
It all starts with honesty. You have got to own up to the truth that the addiction is destroying you. If you cannot admit this fact to yourself then you can’t even begin the journey. Don’t try to gloss up the truth. Admit it as it is. 

2. Believe that you can do something about it
Perhaps, you feel like you are too set in your ways that you cannot change, but after you have admitted that the addiction has overwhelmed you, then, you have to believe that you can do something about it. Otherwise, you will give up even before the war begins. You must open your eyes to the fact that you are not the first to be in this predicament and there is help all around you if only you are willing to accept it. 
The internal journey to choosing sobriety is the key that unlocks your triumph over addiction. This is why you should watch out for the rest in this series!


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