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Movie: AFTER THE WEDDING... See our Review and Trailer

Who knows what happens after the wedding...? Lets find out as we take you through our review of AFTER THE WEDDING!!! Sounds like an incomplete statement, but i can tell you its definitely a movie that Jones Dozi would recommend.

AFTER HE WEDDING shows us the life of and Isabel (Michelle Williams) and how she dedicated her life to working with the children in an orphanage in Calcutta. Then we see Theresa (Julianne Moore) who is the multimillionaire head of a media company who lives with her artist husband (Billy Crudup) and their twin boys in New York.

Now When word comes to Isabel of a mysterious and generous grant for the financially struggling orphanage, she must travel to New York to meet the benefactor who happens to be—Theresa—in person. But Isabel's presence unveiled a secret in Theresa's family.. What might that be????

Let's see the Official Trailer

The 110 minutes movie is a remake of the original which was released in 2006

 It was originally set in Copenhagen while the remake is set in New York. In addition the remake has swapped the genders of the three leading characters.
If you're having doubt about the Movie.. please clear your doubt because this movie was released on the 9th of August, 2019 and it's packed with Thrills, Fantasy, and Drama.

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JonesDozi rates 6.0/10

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