Some would have expected a blockbuster, but  this is more than just a blockbuster rating. ALREADY GONE is one movie that a lot of people, especially young adults can relate to... this is kind of a life story being brought together for you to see and also learn from.
From the synopsis about Robinson, a lonely, teenager who uses his graffiti to escape from his abusive stepfather Martin "Seann William Scott", who he lives with in Coney Island. Robinson is in love with Martin's girlfriend Keesha "Justine Skye", an exotic dancer. When Martin attempts to pimp Keesha out Robinson rescues her and the two flee Brooklyn, stealing a car and a bag filled with Martin's drug money.  
On the road they experience a new world and Robinson's love for Keesha grows. They break down in rural Colorado and are taken in by Edwin "Shiloh Fernandez", a handsome aspiring artist and his family. When Keesha falls for Edwin, Robinson feels betrayed and heartbroken. All this while Martin grows ever closer to tracking them down.
Sound like an interesting drama if you'd ask.. Now lets see a brief Trailer.

With a rating of 6.0/10 from Jones Dozi. August was released on the 16th of August, 2019 and its was also named Green Dolphin during its working phase.

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