With gaining the Top spot in Box office this week, Angel Has Fallen is one movie you wouldn't want to miss out on. Prior to this year, we've seen the release of Olympus Has Fallen, White House Down, London Has Fallen and now they're back with Angel Has Fallen.

Despite it being averagely rated at 7/10 the movie shows great quality and is packed with lots of action and Thriller.
The Movie seems like a continuation from previous movie LONDON HAS FALLEN. But this time, Secret Service Agent Mike Banning who is regarded as the President's Guardian Angel is Framed for attempted Assassination on the President and now Banning is on the run from his own agency and the FBI and races to find a way to clear his name and to uncover the real threat which has placed its target on Air FORCE ONE.

Despite the usual, there are still some entertaining action moments in the film. Many action scenes are a bit too zoomed in and motionally filmed, so that it is not always clear what exactly happened.

This film comes across as a standard third film from an action film series, where the older hero of the previous films is now suddenly seen as the villain of the film. 

The third Taken film, for example, also had a similar story. This is how this film comes across as familiar and predictable, because you will see most twists and turns coming beforehand.

The 121mins movie was filmed in Berkshire, England. and was released on the 23rd of August, 2019. 
If you're considering  seeing the Movie, we recommend that you do so.


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