See you soon sounds like a movie worth seeing... but how will you know unless we review it. The 107 minutes movie is moderately romantic and portrays Love, Irresponsible parenting and betrayal and so many other attribute.

With the Movie being filmed in Romania, SEE YOU SOON talks about A U.S. soccer star named Ryan who suffered a Heer-threatening injury in the qualifiers to the World Cup, and during his recovery, embarks on an epic romance with a Russian single mom who had experienced physical abuse from her you'd see that they are both from two different Styles of life... but in life, Love holds no bound....let's take a look at the trailer.

Though in reality, USA soccer team didn't make it to the Russia 2018 World-cup, but that wasn't the main point of the Movie.
If you're wondering if its a movie you will love, try watching it with someone you care about, because we highly recommend it.
JonesDozi rates 6/10

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