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Reasons Why couples drift apart... Don't miss out on this!!!

So while you two were dating, you were inseparable. You used to tell each other everything then the kids came, time passed and before you knew it, you two were not as close you used to be anymore.

There is no question of the fact that you love each other, but somehow, you two are not as interested in each other as you used to be. What the hell happened?
1. Unexpressed emotions
If something happens and one of you decides to swallow it, rather than express his/her true feelings then before long, you will have lots of repressed emotions. Over time, those unexpressed feelings create a chasm through built-up resentment. This is why proper and honest communication is always the way to go. Always keep the lines open and don’t avoid confrontations in the name of ‘keeping the peace’.
2. Lack of bedroom action
Sex is more than just giving your hormones some relief. It is a way to bond perfectly as partners. If the bedroom action has been on the low, it is only inevitable that you drift apart even if everything else is good.
3. Emotional affairs with other people
If one party has begun confiding in someone else, be it at work or anywhere else, what that does is to draw the person’s attention from the spouse. It is just like how no one can serve two masters. If you are bonding with someone else emotionally, you definitely drift away from your spouse.
4. Changing priorities
If the couple no longer has the same set of goals, then, they will keep going in different directions. This is why it is important that the couple remain a single unit. Of course, they may have different passions and aspirations, but these must be chased as a team. 
5. Pride
Sometimes, people’s ego robs them of happiness. If you two fight and you would rather give silent treatment than address the problem or apologize, then it is only a matter of time before you stop talking altogether.
Each of these issues can be fixed. Don’t let them rob you of a blissful marriage. 

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