Want to get rid of all that skin fuzz standing on your way to having smooth soft skin? Then let’s do this! Equip yourself with smart shaving tricks _of course you only need these tips and tricks if you’re going the old fashioned of getting rid of skin hair and not waxing_
So, here you go…
Shave right after a shower
The idea is to shave when your skin is still damp, besides the steam from your bath opens up the skin pores and hair follicles which ensures that when you eventually shave few minutes after bathing you attain a closer shave and that smooth finish you desire.
Okay, skin exfoliation is what you do right before getting that shaving razor on your skin and not after the deed is done; exfoliating your skin after shaving only irritates your skin. So get rid of dead skin cells and soften your skin in readiness for a good shave and the end result is fuzz-free skin and yeah, smooth polished skin!
Don’t forget to lather up!
More on attaining smoother, softer skin? Then you really should invest in a nice shaving cream to provide a sort of cushion for your skin, reducing the harsh feel of the razor sliding up your skin hacking your fuzz away. Run out of shaving cream? You can always improvise with conditioner or work up a thick lather with your hand wash and shave away.
Swipe once
Going all over your skin with that razor will not make it any smoother; therefore resist the urge to re-swipe while shaving. Also, while sticking to a single smooth swipe, use small strokes, it might take you a while but then you’ll be able to avoid irritating your skin, reduce the normal shave itch and or dryness.

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