Burning Amazon Forest in Brazil

Some indigenous people live primitively in the forest and shun the outside world, but Sky News were invited into one community.
The people here aren’t just caught in the middle of a land grab. They believe they are also being actively targeted by arsonists.

On the veranda of his wooden house, villager, Matias said “our ancestors have fought for this land for so long. It is part of us, it is our mother.” Chief, Raimundo Nonato Apirina says  the intention of fires near his home are to leave him “without resources and food”.
Indigenous people have long been marginalised by mainstream Brazilian society but some of the current president’s policies mean they feel targeted like never before.

🔥 The Earth's lungs are burning. The Amazon rainforest⁠—which produces 20% of our planet's oxygen—is on fire. It has been on fire for weeks now.

This is not normal, this is an emergency. We must wake up and #StandForTrees!
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