The feeling of hopelessness is associated with virtually every living being in the universe. For many, life doesn’t have anything to offer anymore; they feel there is no hope for the future. 

However, to be sincere, should that make someone to take his life? Suicide is never the answer; we have to remind ourselves that there is hope. 
What then can we do whenever we have the feeling of hopelessness? 
Accept where you are today. True, we all need to accept wherever we find ourselves. This is one fine step to overcoming hopelessness. If you cannot accept the situation on ground, it will be extremely difficult for you to think positively.  After accepting where you are presently, what next? 
Think of where you want to be. Thinking of where you are heading is another excellent step. However, psychologists suggest that you o do this moderately—don’t think excessively. There is a great urge or tendency to think too much than you are expected to, so think moderately.  
You need patience in life. Life requires that everyone be patient. There is no hurry in life; things will rightly come to you at the right time if only you are patient. Don’t feel intimidated by what you see on social media because people are known to live a fake life in there. Patience will surely drive you to your desired home—where God wants you to be. 
Watch movies that make you laugh. Yes, movies designed to make one laugh helps a lot since they help us forget our problems at the moment. 
Too, don’t forget to share your problems with your family and trusted friends. Don’t ever hide your hopelessness from your family and trusted friends—this is one express purpose they are your trusted ones. 
Go out to social gatherings with the people who make you happy. Is there anyone in the family or your list of friends who makes you happy? Go out with this person. 
Suicide is not the option. Make a U-turn and see the beauty of life. 


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