Kids are known to be smart and they are especially smart in terms of intellectualism. 
However, some kids have been found to have trouble focusing in school. Is it because of lack of ecstasy? Or parents, what do you think? Let us discuss this issue methodically.   
As a parent, do you do your utmost to get your child involved in school things while at home? One of the reasons why kids have trouble with school is their lack of practice. When a child doesn’t practice, it will be extremely difficult to understand the material; and when this happens, there is an absolute possibility of your child not being interested in school. Your child needs practice. 
Another reason why kids have trouble focusing in school is that they are being distracted by external stimuli. External distraction may come from his classmate(s); and when this happens, kids find it difficult to focus on the teacher’s instructions. 
Incompatible learning style could be the cause. You should understand that different people learn differently: some learn by merely seeing, others by doing; while yet, others by learning. Is the teacher’s style of teaching not compatible with your kid’s? Then your kid will find it difficult to cultivate interest. 
How many hours of night sleep does your child get? Do you allow your kid to go to bed very late? Do you permit your child to watch that soap opera while he/she is supposed to be in bed? Parents, if your child does not get the right amount of sleep, it, without fail, affect him. Your child needs 8 hours of sleep every night. 
Some kids also have trouble with school because they don’t really understand the materials. Lack of understanding of a material makes a child completely disinterested. Seek help as to how your child can improve in this area.  

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