Social media is one space in the world where virtually everyone goes to every day to tell the world what they are up to. Many others use it for businesses. In fact, so many youths have benefited greatly from using different social media platforms as their means of earning.

However, it is noticed that while some people are using social media to make money, others are using it for unreasonable purposes. 
As a guy or lady, why should you minimize your use of social media? Let’s get things started by examining this issue critically. 

In all honesty, spending hours upon hours on social media doing nothing is not in any way advisable. If someone tells you that social media can make you wealthy, do you take your time to ask that person how or ask yourself how to make money from social media? It is not all about slaying or flaunting your body on social that brings that wealth. Think wisely, my dear!
If you are not careful, social media will sap your time. Don’t get me wrong in this manner. Facebook, for example, makes billions of dollars every day as people log in. Each minute and hour you spend, your time collapses. While you may be there thinking that you are doing something, you will later realize that you are doing nothing—and will definitely regret it. 

Do you know that your education, if care is not taken, is at risk? This is one danger most youth aren’t aware of. Why is said that social media can pose a threat to education? For reasonableness, if you spend all the time on social media platforms, what time do you have for your studies? Or is it possible to chat while studying? Of course, not, because your whole being will be divided. 
Social media, if used wisely, can make you wise and wealthy. 
Therefore, be careful with the amount of time you spend on it. and use if for a wise purpose!!!

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