Why are do you drink alcohol?

Some say they drink to fit in, others to forget their troubles, others to help them socialize because when sober they lack confidence, others because it is a habit they are too used to.

A lot of adults were introduced into drinking by their drinking parents or relatives, by a group of friends they hanged out with in high school or college, by a romantic lover they had, by a colleague at work who convinced them that with money they need to do over 18 things.

A lot of adults have alcohol problems. When you have alcohol problems, you will have relationship problems. The unfortunate thing about most adults who drink is that they dont admit they have a problem.

Here are some ways that alcohol can mess up your relationship/marriage;

1. It messes up your judgement

When you are not sober, you will not make the right long term decisions for yourself. Being high causes you to live for the moment. You keep damaging your future because you are living in the now.

A relationship/marriage requires two people who see long term. This is why many who drink have been dumped by people who want something serious.

2. It makes you choose the wrong spouse

A lot of people who drink, do not marry someone who is ready for marriage and who will make a good spouse; they marry instead their drinking partner who they heckle and have sex with. This shaky foundation leads to a shaky marriage.

3. It threatens your job and progress

A lot of people who drink have either lost their job, lost business, received warning letters or failed to be promoted thus remaining stagnant in life just because they cannot be trusted with responsibilities. This has caused a lot of marriages to have conflict and financial strain.

4. It introduces you to environments that encourage the habit
When alcohol means a lot to you, you will find yourself going to where alcohol is in plenty. Your frequent places will be bars, adult parties and clubs yet you are a family person.

This is why a lot of family men/women still act like they are single and in college. They will have time and money to spend where there is alcohol but fail to attend family gatherings, sober dates organised by their spouse, their childrens sports day, marriage seminars, enriching couple get together, counselling sessions and events for personal and professional growth.

5. It makes you defensive

People who love alcohol tend to be defensive and easily irritable even to their spouse and children. They push their loved ones away saying they are adults and it is their money so everyone else should shut up and mind their business.
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