6. It makes you waste your family money

In an environment where alcohol is the agenda, many are throwing away their family money to get high, buying others alcohol. 

If you calculate the amount of money you spend on alcohol in a year, you will be shocked how much investment for your children and family you could have made with that cash. 

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Instead of buying drinks for strangers in a bar, find a way to impact society after you have taken care of your family.

7. It lies to you that you have good friends

A majority if not all the friends you drink with dont actually care about you. They are either passing time with you or using you to get them to buy you drinks.

That is why they incite you mistreat your spouse, dare you to do things you shouldn't and talk to you about any scandalous or trending topic but not about who you really are inside and the state of your heart. 

If you lose your job or marriage, most wont be there for you. They will abandon you and find other drinking buddies to talk about you as the trending topic.

8. It makes you violent

Most violent cases in relationships/marriages occur when one or both parties are intoxicated, either at home or in public. Some couples are so used to this dysfunction that it has become normal to them.

9. It humiliates you

A lot of people dont remember what they do when they are high, some even urinate on themselves or vomit on strangers or say embarrassing things. When they meet their drinking friends, they laugh about it but the spouse and children get humiliated.

 As you laugh about the silly things you did, you are slowly eroding your reputation which will take a long time to rebuild. Those who are laughing with you are actually laughing at you.

10. It damages your health

There is a reason why by law, alcohol products are instructed to state the harm they can cause to health. Most adults who drink brag that they know their limit and for many, they keep pushing that limit.

 What you sow when your body is younger, you will reap in old age. Your lifestyle will soon catch up with you. Unfortunately for some, instead of enjoying old age with family, they are nursing health complications that are taking a toll on their finances.

So I hope you've learnt from this... Please don't forget to share, so that someone else can learn from it as well... 

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