Looking at different types of relationship helps you see what is obtainable out there and where yours might fit.
Time to continue discovering!

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5. Tear-rubber

This refers to relationships where the couple is all about sex. They barely connect on any other level but are always going at sex. They use sex as a tool to settle fights (more like avoid fights). This may seem satisfying for a while but it isn’t. By the way, can you guess how I came up with the label for this kind of relationship?

6. The affair

I don’t even think this qualifies as a relationship but for some, they are usually emotionally invested and so believe it is a proper relationship. Being the ‘other’ woman is never right, not to you and definitely not to his wife. You should look for a relationship that truly has a future that won’t hurt anyone.

7. Toxic relationship

This is mostly characterized by emotional abuse. By that, I mean that your self-esteem is constantly being eroded by the comments or threats from your partner. What this does is to suck the life out of you. Though most people outside the relationship may assume that you two are great, you need to leave this guy.

8. The abusive relationship

This is one where your partner physically hurts you and threatens you with physical violence. You don’t feel safe in this relationship and you are scared of leaving but you should because that is the only way you will live a fuller life.

Soon we will be rounding off this series but so far, where does your relationship fall? Be honest o.

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