There can never be too much awareness of breast cancer. This is why I keep you up to date on relevant information to keep you healthy.

That being said, it is most likely that the only ways of detecting breast cancer that you know of are checking for lumps and mammograms.

However, checking for lumps is not foolproof. Though I have discussed how to check this before, statistics show that only about 20% of breast cancer cases came with lumps. Therefore, you should look out for other signs:

1. Inverted nipple

A common sign of breast cancer is that your nipples may look different. They will suddenly look inverted or push inward. Other times, it is the size that may vary from what is has always been.

2. Nipple discharge

You may not be breastfeeding yet notice that you have nipple discharges. The colour may vary but it should be cause for concern anyway. At times, it may be a false alarm but it still does not hurt to head to the hospital once you notice that.

3. Different skin texture

One sign of breast cancer may be that the skin texture around the breast changes. It may become scaly or thicker.

4. Skin dimpling

The same way that orange peels may be the same texture you will feel around your breast. This sign is commonly attributed to some rare forms of breast cancer.

If you experience any of these signs, head to the hospital. This is not to alarm you (because frankly, it could be nothing) but remember that a stitch in time saves nine.

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