Breakups are not supposed to be easy. You spent some time in your life with someone. Even if the split was mutual or was your fault, it does not change the fact that there will be nostalgia or a sense of loss.

So, how do you navigate these emotions? I have just the right tips for you and they will get you back on your feet in no time.

1. Delete, delete, delete
Out of sight is out of mind, right? If there is nothing around you reminding you of him, it is easier to move on. So, delete his number his messages and unfollow him on social media.

2. Try something new
When you let go of a habit, you are advised to try out a new one. You can think of your ex as an old habit so it is time to replace him with something else. Find something exciting to do, go into uncharted waters or go on a vacation- do something exhilarating.

3. Stay away from other men
I am not saying this because men are bad. On the contrary, so, you can be right for the next person you date, you should stay away from men for a while. No matter how much it seems like a good idea, don’t date anyone else just yet.

4. Party hard with friends
I am not the clubbing type and I am not one to suggest that as a way to get over a guy. What I mean is that you should throw yourself into having a good time with your friends. It will take the edge off.

5. Go crazy
Just like diarrhea is a way of getting toxins out of your system, you need to purge him out. Don’t try to rein your emotions in. If one day, you suddenly feel like screaming your lungs out, bawling like a baby or burning some of his stuff that you still have then, by all means, go ahead.
6. Work out
The same way going crazy might help you with catharsis is the same way rigorous exercise may be just what you need to let go.

7. Go back to your roots
In the end, there is no place like home. Go back to your family (especially if you come from a non-toxic family) and let them help you get over the pain and hurt. Even if you are not that close to your family, there has got to be someone who can stand in for you. Don’t be afraid to open up your scars so that someone can comfort you.

8. Pray
Depending on the kind of person you are, you can decide to commune with God. It has a way of helping you let of pain, hurt and anger while teaching you to focus on a bigger picture.

Ultimately, what works for some may not work out for you but in the multitude of the tips I have shared, something has got to work for you so tell me which it is.

Whatever you do, remember to give yourself time to heal.

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